But not while they are buying tickets online.

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To carry-out your Personal Performance Scan, we review online public data to provide you with an overview of what visitors think about the experience at your venue and how your technical infrastructure is performing.

We then integrate the results with data coming from your Google Analytics account giving you very detailed and precise insights into your performance. What’s more ; we will benchmark your performance against the industry average!

Following this thorough research work, we will present you an in-depth report with our findings.

Your visitors love a day full of adventure. Before deciding where to go, they spend time at home checking and comparing different websites.

This being the case, you need to offer your visitors an online experience that’s as good as their experience at your site, including the ticket-buying process. After all, your visitors are a lot less adventurous when it comes to buying tickets online. They don’t want any complexities or confusion. Convious can help you turn the entire visitor online experience into a great success.